Vegan Bon Chocolatier Opens in Bay Harbor Islands

A box of colorful truffles from Bon Chocolatier.
A box of colorful truffles from Bon Chocolatier. Courtesy of Bon Chocolatier
The next time your chocolate craving kicks in, Bon Chocolatiers in Bay Harbor Islands is happy to help.

The newly opened all-vegan and kosher confectioner sells chocolate bars, chocolate pretzels, Rocher hazelnut, strawberry bark, pâté de fruit (fruit paste squares), and other sweet treats.

The almost-too-pretty-to-eat, colorful creations were dreamed up by Parisian couple Deborah and Yoann Andreu.

A former banker and real-estate agent, respectively, the two started a family and decided to pursue Deborah's dreams of baking full-time. She trained under a master pastry chef in Belgium for years to learn the science of chocolate-making.

Belgian chocolate, along with the highest-quality ingredients from across the United States, is the basis of all of Bon's creations.

Yoann says they chose South Florida as a home base because it's the perfect place to start a family — and a business. "We wanted to live and work in a multicultural area, and Miami is exploding. We live within walking distance to our chocolate boutique with our two young children, and we have met so many amazing people from around the world who visit us, share their stories, and enjoy our chocolates."

Bon's made-from-scratch confections include truffles. They're best sellers, says the couple, and come in flavors such as caramelized almond, hazelnut praline, raspberry ginger, strawberry thyme, organic jasmine rose, fluffy marshmallow vanilla, organic puff quinoa praline, pistachio praline, crunchy salted peanut butter, organic basil lemon, and the new blackcurrant French lavender. Truffles cost $22 for a box of ten, $34 for 16, $62 for 30, and $104 for 52.

The flavor combos are designed for a diverse Miami audience, Yoann says.

"We came up with three main flavors. The praline is French, and we wanted to stick to our roots. However, it’s not too sweet," he says. "For the ganache, it’s pretty much a mandatory flavor because it’s a traditional way of making the truffle. We did the fruit collection since we have access to so much fresh fruit in South Florida. My favorite is the mango."

Bon is also big on customization. Customers can add sayings to the truffle boxes, such as “I love you” and “I miss you.” Names and logos can be added too. The team also makes custom gift baskets that include a personalized selection of chocolates with a bottle of wine and a card.

"We are very impressed with the reception because it’s been a success from the first week," Yoann says. "People also really enjoy the unexpected flavors, like quinoa with chocolate. Major companies such as Saks and businesses in the Design District have already started contacting us because they heard how unique and amazing our chocolate is that we make locally onsite at our shop."

Bon Chocolatier. 1001 Kane Concourse, Bay Harbor Islands; 305-397-8159;
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