100 Montaditos: Yelpers Let Loose During Kendall's First-Ever Yelp Event

Tuesday, saguesera Yelpers rejoiced at the first ever Yelp event held in Kendall. Of course, Yelp being the adorable hipster it is, the event was held at a trendy spot, namely the 100 Montaditos on Kendall Drive.

The joint was "four-square" full and teeming with foodies. Fortunately the staff was well prepared and kept the food and drink flowing for all three hours. Severs admirably supplied the constant demand, bringing tray after tray of samplers to each table. The drinks, most notably tinto de verano, a Spanish wine-based beverage, were also served up without a skipped beat.

Overall, the mood was festive and diners were satisfied. Discussions over the quality of the food and the recession-friendly prices, particularly the infamous $1 Wednesdays, dominated each table. Said Jacky Pericich, one dedicated Yelper, "If you think about it, compared to the dollar menu at McDonald's...come on."

Indeed, 100 Montaditos offers quality food at fast food prices; it's upscale fast food. And we don't know about you, but we rather chow down on some Iberia ham than a cardboard soy patty any day.

Juan Gervas, CEO of 100 Montaditos in the Americas, sat and spoke with us about passion, conceptual cuisine, and free-range pigs.

Short Order: How did you become involved in the project?
Juan Gervas: I was passionate about the project. I was a lawyer in Spain with a focus on international affairs and they approached me. I love food and I loved the project. I jumped on board and here I am.

What's the purpose of the project?
To offer comfort and ambience. To recreate a tavern ambiance. This is how the taverns are in Spain. You can meet with friends or family and socialize while enjoying good food at good prices. This is the same exact food you would eat in Spain.

This ham is excellent. Much better than Serrano or Prosciutto.
The quality of the ham comes from the way the pigs are treated. They run, they exercise, they are free range. They are fed quality food and treated well. You can taste that in the ham.

We know you have a hundred sandwiches. As far as drinks, what do you recommend?
We offer one Spanish beer, Mahou (ma-ew), it is superb. If you like sweet drinks, you must try the tinto de verano. And our sangria is excellent.

100 Montaditos has amassed quite a following in Miami. What's in store?
We will be opening more locations in Florida, including Key West and Orlando, which will take place in late October or early to mid-November. Also, on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. We're also opening our first location in D.C. (Bethseda), our first in Manhattan, our second store in Mexico and our second in Colombia, eventually opening twenty in Colombia and thirty in Mexico. We have created over 200 jobs in South Florida so far.

Sounds like montaditos are very popular in Colombia and Mexico.
Oh yes. Very, very popular.

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