Zac Efron and the Rock to Film Baywatch in Miami Beach Next Week

Hold onto your flotation device — the stars of the new Baywatch movie are coming to Miami Beach. And though you shouldn't expect to see a bare-chested, red-short-clad David Hasselhoff running in slow-motion across our city’s sands, you may just catch sight of cast members Zac Efron and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson here next week.

Filming for the reboot of the 1989 NBC classic is set to begin Thursday, March 3, near Ocean Terrace, between 72nd and 73rd Streets, in North Beach and continue through the following Tuesday. Permits have been issued by the county to Paramount Worldwide Productions. The film is set to be released in May 2017. It's also being shot in Broward County and Savannah, Georgia.

On a stretch of sand between the beach and Collins Avenue in North Beach, large structures that resemble an obstacle course are being erected.

Though he can’t say for sure what the actors will do there, Miami Beach film and event production manager Graham Winick has a good guess: “Presumably it’s going to be used for scenes involving training for lifeguard recruits.”  
North Beach residents began spreading rumors about Baywatch a few weeks ago, when their beloved volleyball courts were dug up and taken over by the city. A fence was erected around the perimeter and construction equipment rolled in. The set stands next to the Unidad senior center, where elderly residents often exercise and play dominoes.

Production for the film commenced in South Florida this past Tuesday, when movie crews turned a part of Deerfield Beach into Emerald Bay, where crowds lined up to see cast members. Among the movie’s other stars, Alexandra Daddario will play Summer, Kelly Rohrbach will be C.J. Parker (originally played by Pamela Anderson), and Hannibal Buress will appear as a community local.

Winick says filming will take place in South Florida for approximately two weeks before moving to Savannah, where Paramount is headquartered, for the remainder of the project. Though the original Baywatch was set in Malibu, California, Winick says he believes the movie’s location is meant to be a fictional city in Florida.

The City of Miami Beach is discussing the best way to handle what’s expected to be large crowds turning up at the North Beach set next week. 

“We’re coordinating a large permitted space that won’t be open to the public,” Winick says. “But beyond the perimeter, there’s not much we can do to prevent people from showing up and taking pictures.”  

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