Venezuela: To Vote or Not to Vote?

When people talk about not voting because their choice could be robbed electronically, I usually think that these are the same ones who could uncover conspirancy in a blank wall. Many Venezuelans who belong to anti-Chávez camps believe the 2004 recall vote was fixed to keep Chávez in power. Then there’s that whole question of Smartmatic ties to the Venezuelan government.

A La Poderosa 620 AM newscaster reported rumblings the opposition presidential candidate, Manuel Rosales, who lost to Chávez in 2006 elections, may encourage people not to vote in the administration-backed constitional reforms (which include an indefinite term in power for the president) in December.

This video from Princeton researchers is pretty interesting when showing how an election can be stolen electronically. Or maybe, it’s just Miami, helping me to understand those people. --Janine Zeitlin

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