Trump Appointee Resigns After Miami's A.J. Delgado Hints at Alleged Affair on Twitter

Donald Trump owes so much of his ascendency — and his continued commitment to sowing world chaos — to Twitter that it's appropriate the first big black eye of his White House term came via some tweets. And Miami's own A.J. Delgado, an attorney and Trump campaign adviser, appears to have delivered the knockout blow.

Jason Miller, Trump's pick to be his senior communications director, abruptly backed out of the job over the Christmas weekend with the classic "wanting to spend more time with family" excuse.

But the resignation came immediately after a bunch of subtweets from Delgado. And Politico now reports that multiple sources confirmed what Delgado was hinting at: Miller — whose wife is pregnant — had been hit with allegations of carrying on an affair with another Trump staffer.

Miller, a 41-year-old who'd been a top Trump surrogate on the campaign trail, had been announced as Trump's communications director late last week. But Saturday, he backed out, telling Politico that "it is clear [my family] needs to be my top priority right now."

The move came after Delgado threw some serious shade at Miller on Twitter, calling him the "2016 version of John Edwards" and repeatedly demanding his resignation.

Oddly, Delgado deleted her whole Twitter account amid the furor over Miller's appointment, but screen caps of her tweets have been floating around Twitter:
Miller had already been caught up in one embarrassing moment during the campaign — with Delgado in tow. The pair was caught visiting a strip club in Las Vegas along with another Trump staffer and several media members the day before a presidential debate.    

Delgado, a Harvard law grad and former columnist on Mediate, was among the first in Miami's Cuban-American community to embrace Trump's rise in the GOP. She later became an official adviser and regularly appeared on cable news on his behalf.

So why did she delete her Twitter account if, as Politico reports, her shade-throwing was accurate?

Maybe there's a level of Twitter chaos that even the Donald can't embrace.

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