The Cougar Cruise is Coming Back to Miami: Get Your Spanx Ready, Ladies

Martha, a 52-year-old ad executive from suburban Connecticut, often lies awake at night thinking back to those glorious few days she spent sailing the high seas and cruising the young men aboard the first ever Cougar Cruise. Though, even she'll admit her looks and libido have faded some since her youth, she never felt as much excitement as she did when she got a chance to finally play the huntress or the night when she took Edward, a 24-year-old construction worker from Jersey back to her cabin for a night of sloppy but lusty love making the likes of which she hadn't experienced since her sophomore year at Vassar.

She wonders, as she lays in bed only with her cat, Mr. Scruffins, by her side if she'll ever get to experience that again. Well, good news for Martha and all the other randy "cougars" of the world. The Cougar Cruise will once again depart from Miami for its second Caribbean installment.

The idea of a Cougar Cruise met with controversy last year when Carnival decided to ban such events from its ships. Though, Norwegian Cruise Lines stepped in and allowed a Cougar Cruise to set sail from Miami this past December.

"Last year's Cougar Cruise to the Bahamas was so much fun," Rich Gosse, Executive Producer of cougarevents.com, said in a release. "We are doing it again."

The cruise will depart Miami on December 2 and head to the Bahamas before returning on December 5 Older women and younger men are encouraged to book their cabins, and packages start at just $331 a person.

Miss Cougar America, who will be crowned at the National Cougar Convention later this month in New York, will be aboard. No word on whether Gloria James has already packed her bags.

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Kyle Munzenrieder