The '72 Dolphins Will Drink Their Champagne. And You Will Like It!

As expected, thanks to the Giants' beat down of the previously undefeated Patriots, the 1972 Perfect Season Miami Dolphins were finally able to drink their annual champagne. The rest of the league's fan bases are annoyed by this seasonal ritual. Hey, fuck you, rest of the league's fan bases. Who gives a shit if a bunch of old men crack open some bubbly every year to celebrate their perfection and the fact that no one else has done what they did? Does Mercury Morris' inane shitty rapping really get your panties that much in a twist? Really? Ah well. Fuck you, anyway.

Congrats to the old curmudgeons. And to the rest of Fins Nation. As much as it bothers other teams' fans, and as much as they like to tell us it's pathetic for us to celebrate a 36 year old achievement and hold it over everyone's heads every year, it's our thing. It's our accomplishment. We've got to deal with Patriots fans constantly reminding us that their team is the dynasty of the 2000's or Yankees fans constantly reminding us that their team has 26 World Series titles.

This is our thing. Let's revel in it just like the old dudes are reveling in it. Plus, it's the Patriots after all. God knows we've taken abuse from their fans in this blog and in life in general all season long. They'll get no sympathy from me. So, more than anything, fuck them. Fuck each and every one of them with the Lombardi trophy. Football side first.

"The Patriots had a great season, but it just shows how difficult it is to go undefeated. I know it's a tough loss for Coach Belichick, and I know how much this game meant to Bill. He had a great year, and 18-1 is not too bad." -Don Shula

"I don't take joy in the fact the Patriots lost – period. But I do relish and savor the fact that there has only been one unbeaten team in the history of the NFL, and it is the 1972 Miami Dolphins." -Jim Mandich

Kneel before the 1972 Perfect Dolphins! Kneel I say! -- Chris Joseph

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