That Giant SkyRise Miami Thing Could Actually Break Ground by Next Month

When we first saw plans for the oddly R-shaped SkyRise Miami, we filed it away with all the other ostentatious development plans that never made it past the concept stage. Well, SkyRise could actually break ground by next month pending a vote by Miami commissioners.

Though, the structure would still need to be approved by voters in a referendum to be held either in August or November.

Championed by developer Jeff Berkowitz, the idea behind SkyRise is to give Miami a signature observation tower somewhat akin to Paris' Eiffel Tower and Seattle's Space Needle. The 990-foot structure would sprout from land behind Bayside Marketplace and include a restaurant, ballroom, and two amusements (a Tower of Terror-like ride and a bungee-jumping feature).

According to exMiami, however, developers have until June 12 to begin construction before the FAA clearance to build the megastructure ends. Before that, the Miami Commission would need to pass a resolution approving a deal that would see Bayfront sublease the space, and voters would get the final say in either August's primary election or November's general election.

Of course, the tower's design, meant to evoke a wave pointing toward Latin America, has been divisive, as has the potential loss of revenue that could be generated from other options for the land.

The tower would also become Miami's tallest structure, dwarfing the Four Seasons Tower by more than 120 feet. (However, plans for the 1,049-foot Bayfront Plaza have also been approved but have been long delayed.)

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