Spurrier Urban Wiley: Gator Mom Wants to Change Son's Name After Urban Meyer Takes Ohio State Job

Don't question University of Florida graduate Jen Wiley's commitment to the Florida Gators. She's such a fan of the team that she named her kid Spurrier Urban Wiley after two of the team's most (or really only) notable football coaches. However, now that Urban Meyer has decided to take the reigns at Ohio State just a year after retiring from Florida has upset her so much she wants to change her kid's middle name.

"My husband and I got married in 1996, when Spurrier won the championships," Wiley tells Bay News 9, "and then we conceived in 2006 when Urban Meyer won the championship."

Meyer was personally so touched by the naming that he sent her a letter after Spurrier Urban's birth (nickname Spurban?) in which he wrote "I look forward to growing with you as a Gator over the years."

Of course, the only time Urban is going to be at any future Gators games is if they happen to meet the Buckeyes in a bowl game. So obviously now Wiley says, "I want to change his middle name."

Problem is her husband is against the idea, and the now 4-year-old Spurban doesn't really seem to care. Though, if she can get the two on board she'd like to treat the kid's middle name like it was Kyle Orton and switch it out for "Tim," as in Tebow.

Whatever the case, lets hope this kid grows up to get some good SAT scores and a strong GPA. Otherwise he might end up being the most unpopular kid in the FSU student section.

In other news, does anyone want to have a kid with me so we can name it Schnellenberger Jimmy Dennis Coker Munzenrieder? It has a certain ring to it.

[via Deadspin]

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