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South Beach's New Gay Hotel Encourages You To Order Room Service Naked

Few things in South Beach can be called exclusively straight, but there's always room for an unabashedly queer take on things. Enter Lords South Beach. It promises to be the only exclusively gay hotel in South Beach and is set for a soft opening on November 21. There's a few twists on traditional hotel service. For one thing, the rooms themselves seem to have no shortage of portraits of Liz Taylor, there's a giant bear waiting for you in the lobby, there's a restaurant named after cock, and instead of room service, Lords offers "stay naked" dining.

We are thrilled to bring this exciting hospitality concept to South Beach," Founder Brian Gorman tells South Florida Gay News. "Our goal is to provide a liberal, proud, playful experience for guests. We hope that Lords South Beach will raise the bar for what the discerning gay traveler can expect form a hotel."

The 54-room boutique hotel is located on Collins Avenue and 11th Street, strategically close to the 12th Street beach.

The hotel will feature a new restaurant called the Cha Cha Rooster. We're sure the staff will never tire of guests jokingly referring to it as the cock eatery.

If room service is more your thing Lords, offer "stay-naked dining."

Decor throughout the property seems to be a colorful play on mid-century modern with a healthy use of the color yellow. The pictures of rooms available on the website seem to indicate that each one includes a few portraits of Liz Taylor. Of course we could be wrong. Perhaps other rooms include paintings of other gay icons. Is there a Gaga suite we wonder?

As for the welcome bear, it is not actually a hairy, hyper-masculine bear, but a nine foot fiberglass polar bear holding a beach ball. Though, we doubt gay "bears" will be in short supply.

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Kyle Munzenrieder