Shanna Marie McLaughlin, Playboy Model Behind UCF Controversy, Busted for Carrying Gun on Plane

Have you heard the one about the well-endowed Playboy model who got a big-name football coach in hot water after posing racily in his locker room -- and then topped it off by getting arrested for carrying a loaded gun into an airport? No? You'll be shocked to learn that a story this brain-dead yet erotic could go down in our fair Sunshine State.

Shanna Marie McLaughlin was arrested at the Orlando International Airport after baggage screeners found a .45-caliber revolver stocked with hollow-tip ammo inside her luggage.

Last August, McLaughlin -- a UCF alum and Playboy's Miss July 2010 -- caused UCF coach George O'Leary a grade-A headache when a video was posted on YouTube of a photo shoot she'd done for Axis Magazine.

O'Leary admitted he had approved the shoot, which shows McLaughlin cavorting about all-too-sexily for NCAA censors in Golden Knights apparel.

Here's the too-hot-for-college clip in question:

O'Leary ultimately got slapped on the wrist by his athletic director after school officials claimed to be shocked and outraged by the whole affair.

McLaughlin, meanwhile, went back to being a Central Florida-based model (with 3,000 fans on Facebook!), and the world moved on -- until Monday, that is.

At 6:30 p.m. inside Orlando's airport, McLaughlin put her bags through security on her way to a flight to Los Angeles.

The baggage screener noticed "what appeared to be a handgun" inside her duffle bag and alerted the cops. When they opened it, they pulled out a Ruger SAA Long Colt .45 in a leather holster; it was loaded with six Winchester Silvertip hollow-point bullets.

McLaughlin "spontaneously stated the gun was her boyfriend's and she didn't know it was in there," police wrote in her arrest report.

The Playboy model was booked and charged with a misdemeanor count of carrying a firearm in a place prohibited by law.

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