Reginald St. Fleur Arrested for Stealing Biogensis Documents from Whistleblower's Car

Porter Fisher, the former Biogenesis employee who provided documents to Miami New Times to help blow open the massive Major League Basbeball PED scandal, stored boxes of documents related to the case in the trunk of his Toyota Camry. This past March, while Fisher was getting a spray tan in Boca Raton, someone stole those documents. He theorized someone had followed him all the way up from Miami to pull off the heist.

Well, police have now made an arrest in the case: 20-year-old Reginald St. Fleur, an employee at the salon where Fisher was getting his spray tan.

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The incident happened March 25 at Boca Tanning, 2521 N. Federal Hwy. Two cars were actually broken into, but only Fisher filed a police report.

From Tim Elfrink's feature story about Fisher this past June:

In the weeks that followed, Fischer would torture himself about leaving priceless cargo unattended. But the truth was, he didn't think anyone would have followed him 300 miles from Miami to a storage unit in Ocala and then to Boca Raton. He certainly never imagined a thief would be bold enough to snatch the boxes from his car in such a busy lot.

A .32 Beretta pistol, cash, gym clothes, and electronics were also stolen from the car. The thief smashed a passenger-side window to access the car and left behind blood. Boca Raton Police sent that blood for DNA testing, and this week the result came back implicating St. Fleur.

Boca Raton Police had reopened the case after lawyers for Alex Rodriguez, the most high-profile ballplayer implicated in the Biogenesis scandal, filed suit against MLB and claimed the league had knowingly purchased stolen documents to further the case against Rodriguez.

St. Fleur is being represented by Miami attorney Alan Soven, who was hired by the tanning salon.

"He's worked there for a long time, he's a good kid, and they said, 'Alan help him out,'" Soven told the Palm Beach Post. Soven was unaware of the importance of the stolen documents until a court hearing this morning.

St. Fleur has been charged with one count of armed robbery and is being held on $30,000 bond.

The arrest leaves several questions: Why would St. Fleur, an employed man, randomly break into cars outside his workplace? Or did St. Fleur know what was hiding in Fisher's trunk? And, if so, how?

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