WTF Was Kodak Black Doing at the Panthers Game?

The Florida Panthers took on the Vancouver Canucks at FLA Live Arena Tuesday night, but the real action wasn't on the ice.
The Florida Panthers took on the Vancouver Canucks at FLA Live Arena Tuesday night, but the real action wasn't on the ice. Screenshots via @kodakblack/Instagram
When rapper Kodak Black made a rare appearance at the Florida Panthers game Tuesday night, one thing was for sure: He was vibin in that bih.

On Instagram, the Broward native posted a video of himself and an unidentified woman clinking plastic cups while sitting rinkside at FLA Live Arena in Sunrise. The National Hockey League (NHL) even shared its own photos of Black at the game on Twitter before later deleting them. [Editor's note: A correction ran concerning this paragraph; see note at the end of this story.]

That might be because of what happened next: In a video posted by @David954FLA on Twitter, Black can be seen gyrating with his companion in a curious manner inside his not-so private box as "Do It Do It" by ACRAZE blasts throughout the arena. Was Black caught bumping uglies in public? Was he on the receiving end of a standing lap dance? Perhaps a thread from his partner's clothing got caught on his zipper and she was trying to wiggle free?

The video pans to Black's arena-mates, who appear to be innocently watching the Panthers play the Vancouver Canucks — unaware of the action transpiring off the ice.

"I think Kodak found something better to do at the Panthers game," @David954FLA tweeted.
Then again, Black and his date might be the victims of poor-resolution zoom and a deceptive camera angle: Another video posted on Black's Instagram from inside the private box shows the woman innocently twerking on him, and both of them appear to be clothed
The Panthers might've defeated the Vancouver Canucks (5-2), but Kodak Black was the winner on social media last night.
Correction published 9 p.m.: As originally published, this story erroneously identified the woman twerking on Kodak Black as Mellow Rackz, a fellow rapper and his fiancée, based on information provided with wire service photos used by multiple media outlets. (The woman in the photos appears to be @vvsence.) Kodak Black and Mellow Rackz are reportedly no longer engaged. The above version reflects the corrected text.
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