Psystar Wars: Apple Has No Real Copyright?

Where were we last in the saga of Psystar Wars: Attack of the Clones? Oh right, Psystar the Doral based company that was selling their own computers that ran Apple's OSX operating system, had their countersuit against Apple thrown out

Now, Psystar has dropped a bombshell, saying that Apple never bothered to correctly copyright their own OS. 
In documents filed with a San Francisco Court, Psystar claims that apple "is prohibited from bringing action against Psystar for the alleged infringement of one or more of the plaintiff's copyrights for failure to register said copyrights with the copyright office as required," according to InformationWeek

If true, it might be one of the biggest corporate boners of all time. As of yet Apple has not responded, and no independent source has been able to verify or dismiss the claim. 

In any event, even if Apple has the proper copyright Psystar is still claiming that they are misusing them to prevent competition

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