Pre-Election Wrapup Roundup

We've been working hard all day to bring you the scene at the polls, but a bit before 7 p.m., we'll switch into Election Night mode with a special emphasis on local results. Check back often for the latest updates on not only the epic Obama v. McCain battle, but also the outcome on the state and county charter amendments, as well as, and most important, the fate of the Diaz-Balart dynasty.

In the meantime, here's a wrapup of all the latest Election Day buzz you might have missed while waiting in line.

  • 538's final predictions: Obama with 349 electoral votes, and Florida by 1.7% [538]

  • The Dow is up more than 300 points today. [Yahoo! Finance]

  • Voting in Miami has been going smoothly. [Herald]

  • Sarah Palin voted, but she's not saying for whom. [Joan Walsh]

  • The election is not even over yet, but murmurs of who might be in Obama's cabinet are already circulating. John Kerry for secretary of state, apparently. [Yglesias]

  • Everyone is voting, including Vogue editor Anna Wintour. [NY Mag]

  • Actor Tim Robbins wasn't so lucky. His name got mysteriously removed from the voter rolls. [NY Times]

  • Phew. Rep. Ilean Ros-Lehitinen's vote counted. I wonder whom she voted for. [Naked Politics]

  • No change here: The ladies of The View continue to be wild. [Broadsheet]

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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