Police Set Up Two "First Amendment Zones" in Anticipation of George Zimmerman Verdict

The verdict in the murder trial of George Zimmerman could come as early today, so in anticipation, the Miami-Dade Police Department has set up two "First Amendment zones" to try to corral protests and public gatherings.

Never mind, of course, that all of America is technically covered by the First Amendment.

Unfortunate name of the zones aside, the department has worked with local clergy members and community leaders to provide safe and orderly places for people to voice their opinions after the outcome of the case.

Here's where the two zones are located

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park

6160 NW 32nd Ct., Miami, FL 33142

(305) 633-2044

Goulds Park

11350 SW 216th St., Miami, FL 33170

(305) 255-2399

The first is located in Miami's historically black neighborhood of Liberty City; the other is in the Goulds neighborhood south of Cutler Bay. Surprisingly, no zone has been designated in Trayvon Martin's hometown of Miami Gardens.

Additional updates can be found on the department's Facebook page.

In the '80s, Miami erupted in riots of varying sizes after black men were killed by white and Hispanic police officers. And though Zimmerman was just a self-appointed police officer and the incident occurred in Central Florida, the media (and some race baiters) seem to think history will repeat itself if he's acquitted.

(Never mind the fact that no violence broke out two years ago when white and Hispanic police officers killed seven black men in a span of eight months.)

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Kyle Munzenrieder