Our O-Jay-Jay is Painin'

O.J. Simpson: Friendly Kendall family man, storied NFL superstar, and eternal source of courtroom drama.

How do you keep getting into all of this legal pain Orenthal James? Not a year goes by where you are not involved in some headline-grabbing shenanigans. If only someone could have put you in a place years ago where you would not be allowed to carry on in such a fashion. Perhaps a place where you were unable to interact with the outside world and spent your days alone. Maybe there would be bars to guarantee you didn't escape. It would be for your own good.

Orenthal's latest legal saga is playing out in Nevada, where's he's on trial for armed robbery. And of course this trial is already full of dramatics.

Yesterday the prosecution's first witness got sick on the stand. Today he was back testifying against O.J., claiming he was the ring leader of the robbery.

This was after the decision was finally made to seat an all-white jury.

The trial is expected to continue for about another three weeks, and if convicted on all charges Simpson could face a sentence that would put him behind bars, likely for the rest of his life.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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