Neymar Pledges to David Beckham That He Will One Day Play for Inter Miami

Neymar Photo by Granada / Wikimedia Commons
While the Magic City's soon-to-be Major League Soccer team, Inter Miami, inches closer to reality, fans got an early Christmas gift this week. And it's much cooler — and more expensive — than those bumper stickers that have been popping up around town lately.

Brazilian soccer legend and filthy-rich Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar committed to playing for Inter Miami. Sort of. Kind of. We think. He literally told David Beckham that's a thing that'll definitely happen at some point. Nobody lies to David Beckham. He's too beautiful for a lie. Those are the rules.

In direct response to a question asked by Beckham himself on Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy's YouTube channel, Neymar  — who last year became the world's best-paid soccer player after signing a deal worth $265 million — shot from the hip. He didn't bend his answer like Beckham. In an interview about Neymar's possibly joining the Premier League, Beckham — the former England captain, Manchester star, and current Inter Miami show-runner — snuck in a question, jokingly (read: not jokingly): "When you finish playing in Europe, will you come to Miami, please?"
Neymar's response to the joke (read: not a joke): "David, it's done! I'll come to Miami, your city, your team."

Oh. What? ¿Qué? Did Neymar just commit to joining Inter Miami one day? We think that just happened. No takesies-backsies, Neymar. This is now a contract enforceable by the FBI. We didn't make that up. It's the truth.

Neymar doesn't give a timeframe for his sure to be an end-of-career stop in Miami, of course. The city's team doesn't even have a surefire first-match day yet, so no rush, we suppose. It's nice to hear Beckham putting on his Pat Riley hat and recruiting before Inter Miami hits the pitch in fresh kits.

Miami is nice this time of year, Neymar. Much nicer than rainy-ass England. Come on over. You promised. 
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