News Roundup

  • The county commission voted to keep the tax rate flat, which basically means a bunch of worthwhile, if not necessary programs are going to go through severe cuts, if not finding themselves totally eliminated. [Herald]
  • Why is this Herald article titled "Residents still have a chance to dispute Miami 21" and not "Residents still have a chance to support Miami 21?" Hmmm? Anyway, yes, you do still have a chance to support it during a surely epic meeting today. Or dispute it, whichever is your preference. [Herald]
  • George LeMieux's law firm apparently is responsible for securing work visas for foreign construction workers to work on the St. Regis hotel in Bal Harbour. But hey, theer are plenty of domestic workers ready and willing to take the jobs. Apparently his law firm "specializes in helping companies hire foreigners to replace American workers inside the United States." [CBS4/DeFede]
  • Kendrick Meek's mom, Former US Rep Carrie Meek, says she won't run for her son's House Seat so he can have it back if he doesn't win the Senate Seat. [NakedPolitics]
  • The Miami Dolphins beat the Saints 10-7, leaving us with a perfect record during the preseason. [AP]

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