News Roundup


  • Ten teens in the Florida Keys filmed each other having sex, and now they're getting hit with child pornography charges. [Herald]
  • The owners of Village of Merrick Park, a fancy shopping plaza in Coral Gables for the elegantly Botoxed, filed for the biggest real estate bankruptcy in U.S. history. They also own Bayside Marketplace and Kendall Town Center. [Herald]
  • Police recovered a truck containing more than $2 million in cigarettes. Thank God, because the government needs that precious, precious cigarette tax money. [SunSent]
  • Sedano's is helping out its employees by giving them a Sedano's gift card every month. [PBPost]
  • A 17-year-old boy was killed during a drag race in South Dade. Do we blame The Fast and the Furious? [SunSent]
  • A dead body showed up near the Intracoastal Mall, and authorities get to play CSI for real now. [Herald]


  • The Heat ends the regular season with a win over the Pistons. Off to the playoffs now. [Herald]
  • Isiah Thomas has been invited to the first Heat playoff game. Did anyone think to invite Frank Haith? No, probably not. [Herald]
  • Robert Marve, remember him? He still hasn't found a new school and is looking at Nebraska. [OmahaWorld-Herald]

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