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Ndamukong Suh's Ten Dirtiest Plays in the NFL

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Today, Ndamukong Suh is expected to make it official: He's coming to Miami, and so is his reputation. The Dolphins will give Suh an NFL record $60 million, guaranteed to anchor their defensive line for the next six years. That's a lot of money for any player, but the figure seems like an even larger risk when you factor in Suh's past.

Suh has had his share of run-ins with the NFL law, with nearly $300,000 in fines. Before Suh suits up in aqua and orange, let's take a look back at ten plays that have garnered him the reputation as one of the dirtiest players in the game.

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It's worth remembering that the Fins have the opposite reputation of their new record-breaking lineman: that of a soft team that rolls over under pressure. So Dolphins fans shouldn't necessarily watch these plays and recoil. Could Suh be just what Miami needs? Time will tell.

10. Suh pulls Barber's hair

This was actually a legal play. I like to call this the "Ricky Williams Rule." Compared to some of his other on-the-field stunts, this is actually Suh trying to make friends.

9. Suh welcomes Andy Dalton to the NFL

Oh hi, Andy Dalton! Welcome to your first NFL preseason game, buddy! Here in the NFL, the preseason is really just a walk-through, kind of like a college spring game -- nobody takes these things too seriou... OH MY GOD, ARE YOU OK?! This welcome-to-the-NFL gift basket cost Suh $20,000.

8. Suh-Cutler I: The leg sweep

Cobra Kai style. Suh filled Cutler's entire body with some big-man judo on this play. One minute you think you're playing a friendly game of football; the next minute your Cutler-face is being pushed against a UFC mat and asking yourself what the hell just happened.

7. Suh-Cutler II: The near-decapitation

Are we 100 percent sure Suh didn't think he was actually a lion when he was in Detriot? This hit actually caused Cutler's face to change emotion, so you know it was some painful shit. Cutler almost had to smoke his cigarettes directly out of his throat.

6. Suh-Cutler III: Finish him!

Why is he so angry!? What did Cutler do to this guy? At this point we have to assume he did something to the man. Cutler has to be the happiest guy to see Suh signing with the Dolphins, meaning no more biannual dates with a crazy person.

5. The stomp, part one

Ah, yes, the most famous of them all. This would be Kim if every Suh dirty play were a Kardashian. It's still amazing that people make such a big deal over something like this when football is basically people trying to murder one another -- but between the whistles, bro!

4. The stomp, part two

This one was set to cost Suh a playoff game last season, but eventually the NFL reduced the punishment to a $70,000 fine. You can argue Suh didn't mean to step on Rodgers, but knowing his history, we find it tough to give him the benefit of the doubt.

3. The ninja nut shot

You almost can't be mad at Suh here. That's just some ninja-like focus to make this appear not to be intentional; it could even be argued this is a talent. Notice the heel's downward spike upon the top of the Schaub nob -- excellent placement if you're going for a three-in-one deal.

2. The low blow

Honestly, this was a totally unnecessary play by Suh. There's not much worth defending in this one. Sure, none of us knows what this guy had been doing to Suh all game to make him pull such a dirty, career-endangering-move, but it really doesn't matter. Not cool, Suh.

1. Suh has no regard for human life

Suh cares nothing about Jake Delhomme or his life. Suh basically takes Delhomme's body and replicates the impact it would feel if, say, it were inside a car crashing off a cliff.

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