Mike Huckabee Wants to Bring Back Slavery

Mike Huckabee can't climb past 5 percent in the polls for the Republican presidential nomination. So the former Arkansas governor, who moved to Florida like many other carpetbaggers, is getting insanely desperate. He went full Ku Klux Klan. Last week, he compared Kim Davis — the Kentucky court clerk whose refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay people landed her in jail — to Martin Luther King Jr.

To stay in the race, he's pandering to the extreme right wing of the Republican Party.

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Now Huckabee has declared that African-Americans are still slaves.

During an interview on a nationally syndicated show last week, Huckabee said the Supreme Court's ruling in the 1857 Dred Scott case, which declared blacks did not have a right to be citizens, is "still the law of the land."

Huckabee, who in 2010 moved to the Florida Panhandle and built himself a $3 million mansion, ignored the Constitution's 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery, and the 14th Amendment, overturning the Dred Scott case by establishing birthright citizenship.

Huckabee finished second in the race for the Republican nomination in 2008, but now his big-money donors are heading for the exits. To stay in the race, he's pandering to the extreme right wing of the Republican Party. But even the Tea Party Mad Hatters are rejecting him, as well as all the other career politicians vying for the GOP presidential nomination.

A recent CNN poll shows celebrity mogul Donald Trump's commanding lead jumped to 32 percent, while former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio are floundering. Bush tumbled to third place, garnering only 9 percent and down four points since August, while Rubio notched less than 3 percent and is down five points in the same time period.

Give the Republican base credit for making Ben Carson, the looney African-American doctor, their second choice. The CNN poll shows he's risen ten points to capture 19 percent. I thought there was no freaking way Carson would crack the top five.

It's not just the Republicans either. Presumed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is losing to Bernie Sanders. You know him — he's Congress' longest-serving Independent and resembles a character on Sesame Street. The American people are sick and tired of the same old ratty-ass politicos.

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