Miami Musician Who Threatened to Kill Obama Avoids Jail Time

Joaquin Amador Serrapio Jr., the 20-year-old local musician who fantasized on social media about killing Barack Obama, will avoid jail time after his threats caught the attention of the Secret Service. Instead, Serrapio will face home confinement, probation, and community service. He'll also be forced to speak to high school and college students to warn them not to post stupid things online, which seems apt.

Back in February, when Obama visited the University of Miami, Serrapio posted online about his plans to kill the president.

"Who wants to help me assassinate Obummer while hes at UM this week?" he wrote on Facebook, two days before the POTUS appearance.

"If anyones going to UM to see obama today, get ur phones out an record. Cause at any moment im gonna put a bullet through his head and u don't wanna miss that! Youtube!" he wrote the morning of the speech.

Serrapio's Twitter was also filled with several racist remarks and another threat toward the Prez.

The Secret Service got wind and searched his South Miami home. They only found airsoft guns, but did find text messages on his phone that also contained threats to Obama's life.

Serrapio, a musician who goes under the name Jay Valor, and fronted a local bar band, the Jay Valor Band, pleaded guilty in May. He was sentenced today.

He now faces four months home confinement, three years probation, and 250 hours of community service. He'll also lecture students on the dangers of posting online. He could have faced up to five years in prison.

Serrapio's attorney tells NBC Miami that the posting were meant as a joke, and only wanted to get a rise out of Obama supporters.

Serrapio has since penned an apology to the president and the Secret Service.

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