Dolphins Should Cut Jay Cutler After Terrible Performance Against the Bucs

Here lies the 2017 Miami Dolphins season, gone far too soon. It is likely to be survived by Adam Gase, a coach who refuses to shoulder any of the team's losses; Mike Tannenbaum, a general manager you wouldn't trust balancing your checkbook; and Stephen Ross, an owner who is good at building world-class things as long as they aren't football organizations.

Other than that, there's no telling who will survive this mess. The only thing certain is that Jay Cutler won't. He shouldn't survive this week after his three-interception performance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this past Sunday. He should be cut. Gone. Free to pursue his broadcasting career, vacation, or a role in a Netflix drama. Anything but more starts for the Dolphins. Miami should cut him and move on.

The team's 30-20 loss to the Bucs ripped the life-support cord out of the wall. At 4-6, the Fins would likely have to win the rest of their games to make the playoffs, and two of their remaining games come against the New England Patriots. So, yeah, that's a wrap for these Dolphins. You can go ahead and bookmark your favorite NFL mock-draft sites.

Cutler didn't play a snap in the second half against the Bucs. That's the good news. The bad news is he played a ton of snaps in the first half. So many snaps — few of which were anything but a complete disaster. Cutler went 6-12 for 83 yards and three incredibly bad interceptions before he left the game with a possibly bruised brain.

Here is video evidence of the Jay Cutler thing happening twice yesterday afternoon.

When the Dolphins came out of the locker room for the second half, Cutler didn't join them. Miami fans on Twitter were rather unbothered by the news. Literally, no one missed him while he was gone.

After Jay Cutler was done doing Jay Cutler things, Matt Moore came in and did Matt Moore things: Most notable, he provided equal moments of brilliance and mediocrity, culminating in the most exciting loss you could ever hope for. This version of the Moore experience ended with a 17-28, one-touchdown stat line and a loss. Because Matt Moore.

With the Dolphins all but eliminated from playoff contention, there is really no longer any need for Jay Cutler's quarterbacking services. He is no longer the present or future of Dolphins football, only the past. His chapter in Miami history has been written, and it reads 13 touchdowns, nine interceptions, and four wins. Even though Moore is incredibly average, the dependable average would be an improvement over Cutler.

In a few months, Ryan Tannehill will be ready to return to practice, Moore will go back to wearing backward hats and carrying clipboards, and Cutler will be somewhere on vacation spending the $10 million the Dolphins paid him to save their 2017 season.

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