Miami Dolphins Lose Record for Most All Time Regular Season Wins During Modern NFL Era

Perhaps less heralded than the 1972 perfect season, but more illustrative of the Miami Dolphins proud position as a historically non-sucking team is another record: most regular season wins since 1970 (that's the year the AFL and NFL merged and is generally considered the start of the modern era of the NFL). The Dolphins held that record by a large margin for years, but it's slipped away this season. The Pittsburgh Steelers are now the modern NFL's most successful regular season team, and the 'Fins would need a miracle to even tie the record again by the end of the season.

As of this weekend, the Dolphins have 370 regular season wins since 1970. The Pittsburgh Steelers now have 372, which means unless the Steelers lose out (unlikely considering they play the Jags and Browns) and the Dolphins win out, the Steelers will hold the record on their own at the end of this season. At best, the Dolphins can hope to retie the record.

The Dolphins also once held the record for most wins for regular season and play-off games, but they've lost that too in recent years. That's what happens when you haven't won a single post-season game since 2000.

So just to recap: with Brett Favre breaking most of Dan Marino's most impressive records, and the Steelers now the most winning team in the modern era. The only thing Dolfans have to hold on to is that '72 season.

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Kyle Munzenrieder