Miami 2009: The Year of 85,000 Pink Slips

Have you read Joshua Ferris' Then We Came To The End? It's about the slow, corporate death of a Chicago advertising firm after a string of lay-offs, stupid business decisions, and personal tragedy. If not, you should. Because it is also now your life.

According to an IHS Global report, the Miami area will see 85,000 people lose their job in 2009. Unemployment is predicted to reach 8% locally.

At least, we're somewhat lucky. New York City will see the lose of 181,000. Cities like Detroit and Cleveland will see unemployment top 10.

The good thing about ...The End is that it's incredibly funny, so when you have everything you've ever worked for in your career taken away from you with one little pink slip because of the stupid, clueless decisions of greedy, stubborn, rich people hopefully you'll be able to see some of the humor. [via CBS4]

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