I wanna stuff a month's rent up in that g-string.

Map Out A Strip Club Spree

When Riptide visits strip clubs it has one thing on its mind - efficiency.

What strip club is the closest to my house? If for some reason this particular strip club is not up to my high standards, are there others in the area where I could take my business? If my favorite stripper (her name is Trixie St. Muffinboobs, btw) changes clubs, how many miles is it from my house? Is there a way find out this information so I know approximately how much I'll spend on gas, and then how many crumpled dollar bills I have left over?

Yes there is! StipClubbin.com has put together an interactive Google map of the best strip clubs in the area (NSFW). They also ranked them from best to worst, but since they left off many of the establishments that employ our favorite day strippers we trust their sense of direction more than their taste.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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