Man Who Keeps Failing to Run From Florida to Bermuda in Bubble Won't Give Up

A lot of odd things happen in Florida every week. On Friday, we're here to bring you some of the weirdest. This week: The bubble man fails to ride again, a man's arrest report has almost as much going on as his face tattoo collection, a horny fake cop, and some reptilian carnage. 
Bubble Man Burst Again 
Remember Reza Baluchi? Well, of course you don't remember the name. OK, remember the guy who tried to "run" from South Florida all the way to Bermuda in a "bubble" in 2014 only to end up having to be saved by the Coast Guard

Yeah, maybe that rings a bell. It's not something that happens every day. 

Well, Baluchi tried again this week. He failed again this week. 

Baluchi's specially made bubble, or "hydro pod," as he calls it, is supposed to allow him to run on water. The endurance athlete's goal is to make it all the way from our shores to those of Bermuda. He tried to make the trek again this past Wednesday, but after setting off from Delray Beach, the winds of the Atlantic kept pushing him back to shore. Don't worry — Baluchi says he'll try againGuess What This Guy Swallowed 
No, seriously, just guess what this guy swallowed.  

Was it: 
A. 230 cockroaches
B. the key to sexy-time handcuffs he used to restrain his girlfriend
C. five balloons of heroin 
D. two liters of Skol vodka in the middle of a Walmart? 

Well, congratulations if you guessed C. 

According to police, James Ravey, along with Natalie Kaiser, is suspected of stealing $100,000 worth of goods from a home in Marion County. Police caught the pair after their pickup truck caught fire on the side of the road. When police confronted the two, Ravey tried to pull a rifle from the truck but was apprehended. Once in the back of the police car, he tried to kick out the window bars. 

He eventually confessed to swallowing five balloons worth' of heroin before the police confrontation. A glass pipe was found stored near his rectum. 

Yep, there's almost as much going on in this story as there is on Ravey's face. He was charged with armed residential burglary and grand theft.
Fort Lauderdale Man Posed as Cop to Trick Prostitutes Into Sex
Twenty-three-year-old Mark William Rose pretended to be a cop and tried to force a woman who worked as a prostitute into sex by threatening to arrest her. His ruse went as far as driving the woman to jail and pretending to carry out fake phone conversations. This particular victim didn't fall for it and called 911. 

When Rose was arrested, he admitted he had tried the stunt 12 times and had sex with three women because of it. Even though this is clearly rape, Rose was sentenced to just nine months in prison after striking a plea deal.

Oh, and as a bonus WTFlorida entry, here's a large gator eating a smaller gator, if you're into that sort of thing. 

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