Junior Goes Free in Estefano Shooting Trial

If you ask Estefano he'll tell you there's another wannabe killer free to roam our streets. If you ask the jury, they'll tell you otherwise. Francisco Oliveira Jr., the man who was charged with Estefano's attempted murder, has been acquitted by a jury, despite the fact Estefano identified Oliveira, a former handyman at his music studio, as the gunman. The prosecution had no CSI-style physical evidence, and built its case around Estefano's identification and Oliveira's connection to two men who may have scammed the producer out of millions.

The defense focused on the fact there was no physical evidence, which apparently gave the jury enough reasonable doubt to not convict the man. There were never any other suspects in the case.

Riptide reminded you earlier today about the tangled web surrounding the case.

-- Kyle Munzenrieder


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