Jets Coach Rex Ryan Wants an Apology from Reggie Bush

The Jets are at the bottom of their division, 29th in total offense, 30th in containing opponents' rushing yards, and have just about the most embarrassing quarterback situation in the league. Yet, Rex Ryan seems to be really concerned about Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush's manners.

Back during the first Jets-Dolphins meeting of the season, Bush went out with a knee injury. Ryan made comments earlier in the week that he told his team to put "hot sauce" on Bush. Bush interpreted this as Ryan intentionally telling his team to target him for hard hits.

In the same game, the Jets' Darelle Revis also went out with a season-ending knee injury.

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Bush's response to Revis' injury: "What goes around comes around."

Those remarks are still upsetting Ryan, apparently.

"I apologized for my comment," Ryan told reporters today. "I expect him to do the same."

"I'm sure he kind of got caught up in the moment," Ryan continued. "He was injured. I mean, obviously, no one likes to get hurt. And that certainly wasn't my intention and I hope he understands. But he doesn't have to ever say anything to me, or even reach out to Revis."

"But I would expect him to, for the simple fact that that's his peer. That's one of the elite players in this league."

Of course, the Jets and Dolphins will meet again this Sunday, and the finger flippin' foot fetishist (allegedly!) has a whole lot more to worry about than the Bush's manners.

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