Jersey Shore Officially Leaves South Beach

For those of you who have been in hiding these past months for fear that you'd contract some sort of horrible disease that would turn your skin an off putting shade of orange, poof your hair, and make your fist uncontrollably pump to the sounds of bad techno music, you can come out now. It's safe.

For those of you that just hoped to catch a glimpse of the natural wonder that is Snooki, we regret to inform you that you've missed your chance. The cast of MTV's Jersey Shore left South Beach on Saturday after arriving in April. They leave behind a string of club brawls, drunken hook ups, plentiful footprints on our sandy beaches, and an odd coating of industrial strength hair gel sanitation crews are still working to remove.

TMZ reports the crew departed this weekend. Shooting will resume in the club's titular location, with the second season set to debut in July. Unfortunately the departure rules out a very special episode in which the cast is forced to survive South Beach during Memorial Day weekend.

Let us remember all the fun times they had here: throwing drinks at Ocean Drive bars, strangling people in VIP rooms, beating up random girls, hooking up, tainting your favorite downtown hipster spots with their presence. and, yes, that time we personally spotted Snooki in a sushi restaurant. We'll always remember the way she had her name bedazzled on her tiny, cotton hoochie dress.

Alas, we'll have to see exactly how many of our Snooki-shopped plot suggestions they took. They did hit up the Electric Pickle, and one of them almost went to jail, so that's at least two.

This one goes out to you, Snooki, because we already miss you, like the desert misses the rain.

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