Heat Forward Dorell Wright's Penis is All Over the Internet

Dorell Wright apparently needs a couple of lessons in the internet and public relations. Internet rule number one: Do not, under any circumstances, put naked pictures of yourself anywhere on the internet unless you don't mind them getting out. PR rule number one of getting caught up in unflattering, but ultimately harmless mini-scandals: Deny! Deny! Deny!

Seems that the Heat forward, who was popped for a DUI earlier this month, got into a sexy time chat with a random girl from the internet and popped out little Wright. Somehow she got into a Twitter argument with Wright's girlfriend and baby mama and posted a screencap of Wright's junk to Twit Pic, calling him "Mr. 5 Inches" (this does not bode well for all the "small penis" news related to Miami lately).

That's stupid, but then Wright did something even stupider: admitted to it and apologized.

From the Sun-Sentinel:

"I'd like to apologize to my family, fans and the Heat organization for this embarrassment," Wright said in a statement issued by the team. "The photos were taken roughly one year ago in what I thought was a private conversation. I lacked judgment and was naive about the internet. I realize this is not an excuse, but it is something I truly regret. I realize this affects my entire family and I am embarrassed by it."

Dorell, you certainly are naive about the internet. Yes, the picture got released with a picture of Wright's face, but the key here is that they weren't in the same shot. You can stay silent about it in that case, and have your manager say things like, "Well, it could be photo-shopped. You never know with this crazy, crazy internet."

And then Dorell released an official statement, which turns it into legitimate news and lets mainstream newspapers like the Sun-Sentinel cover it. Without your quote it probably would have stayed in the realm of gossip blogs. It's not like this is a serious matter. It's just your penis. Half the population has one. So what? Who cares? Why the hell should anyone apologize for photographic proof that they have a dick?

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Kyle Munzenrieder