Hack Pack

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Prosecutors say two Russian criminals, identified only as "Hacker 1" and "Hacker 2," played a key role in all the thefts. They remain at large.

After Jonathan's death, Bobby James moved back into the Pinecrest home with his other son, Josh.

The house, still cluttered with Jonathan's books and videogames, has the air of a bachelor pad. The brick-lined pool out back is half-full of tea-colored storm water.

Bobby says he still struggles with Jonathan's suicide. He brushes his teeth every morning in the same bathroom where his son died. "I just try to remember the good times we've had in this house," he says.

He is still not sure how much of a role Jonathan played in Albert's scheme. He believes his son's claim that he didn't participate in the huge TJX break-in. "But I do believe that he was doing other illegal stuff for Albert," he says.

Bobby also tries to keep a sense of humor about his boy's brilliant and troubled life. He and Josh sometimes laugh about how confused Jonathan was when federal agents took his Klingon dictionary. They chuckle about the time he was desperate enough for cash to eat a whole jalapeño for $20.

A few weeks ago, Bobby printed simple white business cards with Jonathan's name, his date of birth and date of death, and this simple inscription:

"Google 'c0mrade hacker.' (Please Remember Me)."

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