Guy In Charge of Cleaning Up AIG Caught in Che Guevara Shirt

Oh look, a vaguely local angle to bring to this whole AIG bonuses brouhaha. Meet Gerry Pasciucco. He was a vice chairman at Morgan Stanley. Now he heads up AIG Financial Products, the high flying, irresponsible segment of AIG that brought the entire company to it's very knees. Though, Pasciucco took control after the meltdown, and was brought in to clean it up.

Half of these bonuses that we collectively hate so much are supposed to go to this very same Financial Products section. Apparently curbing those was not part of the cleanup.

Anyway, here he is at a fundraiser in Connecticut wearing the least popular shirt in Miami, featuring famed Socialist Che Guevara. Appropriate, as his company is now being kept afloat by the dirty Marxist dollars of famed "socialist" Barack Obama.

[Photo: Fairfield County Look via TPM via Gawker

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