Google Has a Miami Hurricanes Mini-Easter Egg When Searching "7th Floor Crew"

Any college football fan who does a lot of Googling knows that when you search for a team's name the search engine pulls up a specialized results page that include a header with the team's latest score and upcoming score as well as a sidebar with general information on the team.

Well, as is a bit of a custom after big Hurricanes win, we Googled the infamous "7th Floor Crew" to celebrate with, but something weird happened. Google brought up the same special search results page as if we had searched for "Miami Hurricanes," header and sidebar included.

Here is what happened when we Googled "7th Floor Crew" (Note: "Seventh Floor Crew" does not work, and, yes, we had people in other parts of the country try it out as well. It even worked in Canada.):

We were a little taken aback by the fact that Google knew exactly what team we were searching about despite the search not containing "Miami" or "Hurricanes," but then we remembered that Google is a really sophisticated and advanced search engine.

So we tried to search phrases associated with other college football teams to see if Google would bring up a search page that included a header of the team's most recent results or schedule along with a general side bar on the team.

We tried "Roll Tide," perhaps the most iconic catch phrase in college football, but Google did not bring up a specific Alabama side bar or game schedule like it does when I Googled "Alabama Crimson Tide." It was just a normal Google search results page. Lots of Alabama football related results to be sure, but nothing fancy like when you google "7th Floor Crew."

No luck when we tried things like "Ramlin Wreck" (Georgia Tech), "Boomer Sooner" (Oklahoma), "Gator Chomp" (UF), "War Eagle" (Auburn), "Free Shoes University" (FSU), "Beamer Ball" (Va Tech), "Touchdown Jesus" (Notre Dame) and a whole lot of other phrases commonly associated with college football teams, but Google just gave us normal search results pages.

In fact we could only find one other search that did something similar.

"Uga," the name of the University of Georgia's bulldog mascot and a common shorthand for the school brought up the George Bulldogs page.

Yet, that's still not as random as "7th Floor Crew" though. We're not sure why this happens. Our best guess? Some Google engineer is a really big Hurricanes fan. Certainly not as exciting as some Google easter eggs, but it certainly doesn't seem like a mistake either.

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