Forget Gators: Florida Kids Can Now Swim With Tiger Cubs

Up in Tampa Bay the latest craze is to throw all sorts of baby wild animals in the pool and let kids swim with them. Sure, authorities may have put an end to venture that rented out baby alligators to swim at kids' pool parties, but now a private zoo in the area is offering kids the experience of swimming in a pool with tiger cubs.

According to MyFoxTampaBay, Dade City's Wild Things, a private zoo in the Pasco County town, are offering up two tiger cubs for guests to swim with. Tony the tiger, a six-week old Siberian tiger cub, is the latest swimming superstar.

Considering there were concerns over kids swimming with baby alligators, there will no doubt be a few eyebrows raised over the same practice carried out with big cats.

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"Well, with any animal there's always a risk," Randy Stearns, president and head trainer of the zoo, tells the local TV station. "It's not like we're going to just throw you in the pool and say, here's the tiger. You're in there with at least one of the trainers actually in the water with you."

Stearns says that as long as the cats are under 25 pounds and there's a leash and a trainer present, the practice is legal under Florida law.

The experience will cost you $200 for a 30 minute frolic.

Though, if doing laps with reptiles is more your thing, you can also swim with a four-foot alligator named Alley. Stearns says that unlike Alligator Attractions, the company who was forced to end their gator pool party rental business, his zoo only allows people to swim with their animals on the zoo's premises and not in their private pools.

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