Florida Man High on Cocaine, Synthetic Drugs, and Four Loko Stabs CVS Clerk

We can only imagine what sort of hellish high is produced by mixing cocaine, synthetic drugs, and Four Loko. Judging by how Lorenzo Guerrero's experience with it went, we don't want to find out anytime soon.

Guerrero, whacked out on the odd mix and wielding a knife, was arrested on attempted second-degree murder charges after he ambushed an elderly CVS clerk in Largo, Florida.

The incident happened early Monday morning just after midnight. Guerrero, who is 26 years old, entered the CVS wearing a mask and began stabbing 68-year-old Donald McKay. The Largo Police Department called it "an unprovoked, ambush-style attack," according to the Tampa Bay Times.

McKay survived the attack and was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police discovered Guerrero's car in the parking lot and found him shortly after. He wasn't able to explain his actions.

Four Loko hasn't been quite as controversial since it removed the caffeine from its formula, but its high alcohol content and large can size are still a recipe to get effed up. Of course, Four Loko is no match for synthetic drugs, which have been linked to numerous violent outbursts. We're not even sure why at that point someone would add coke to the mix.

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Kyle Munzenrieder