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Five Reasons This Miami Heat Season Hasn't Completely Sucked

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The Miami Heat is under .500, and that sucks. Are we all together on this one? OK, good -- we can move on to less depressing facts of Heat fan life, like the things that haven't sucked in 20014-15 thus far. There are a few things that haven't sucked, I swear, so stick with me here.

After four straight trips to the NBA Finals and basketball that damn near stretched until the Fourth of July every summer, the team has had a frying pan named "reality" hit it right in the face -- and reality really bites. It's cool, though -- we Heat fans have pulled up our big-boy pants and figured out a way to make ourselves feel better. Like, for instance, we aren't the New York Knicks!


OK, so that's true, but it's not exactly on the list I had prepared -- so I guess make it five six reasons this season hasn't exactly sucked as bad as it could have.

5. The Miami Heat found Hassan Whiteside just sitting there, so they picked him up

The Heat may have stumbled across something amazing when the team took a chance on this 25-year-old former 33rd pick of the 2010 NBA draft. Seven-foot centers don't just fall in your lap, at least not ones worth a damn, but Whiteside has been crazy good since the Heat added him to its active roster a few weeks ago. Whiteside is still a diamond that needs some polishing, but he's proven to be a worthwhile project for the Heat to invest time in. The team was extremely smart to lock Whiteside up on a bargain of a two-year deal, so there is plenty of time for him to soak up what the organization has to offer and learn from guys like Alonzo Mourning and Juwan Howard. (Whiteside hurt his ankle last night -- after going 5-5 from the field with three dunks -- but x-rays came back negative and he'll be back soon. Whew.)

4. Dwyane Wade is not washed up

Wade got a year older this week as he celebrated his 33rd birthday, but you wouldn't know by watching him play. Wade has missed his share of games, but that's to be expected from a player his age. He has played in more back-to-backs this season and averaged 23.0 PPG on 51.8 percent shooting in those seven contests. Wade is a surprising tenth in the NBA in scoring as of Tuesday (better than a guy like the Warriors' Klay Thompson) and has shown flashes of his old self at times around the rim -- something that was a rarity in the 2013-14 season.

3. Chris Bosh is still everyone's favorite NBA player nicknamed Boshy Bear

Outside of a stretch before Christmas when Bosh missed a few games, he's been exactly what the Heat and their fans thought he would be when his role, and salary, increased following the departure of LeBron. Bosh is averaging 21.6 points a game, 13th in the NBA, and has looked like a much more capable rebounder now that the offense calls for him to do things other than hover around the elbows and three-point line waiting for a pass. While Wade is a sure thing to make the all-star game this year, Bosh's status is still up in the air -- but it's a safe bet he'll make it.

2. Heat fans have kicked depression right in the junk

You showed them, Heat fans. In 2014-15, you guys have leaped every hurdle that's been put in front of you thus far and handled LeBron James' departure as best as anyone could have expected. When LeBron came to town with the Cavs, they expected you to bitch and boo; you didn't, and neither did the organization. They expected you to stop buying tickets, but you didn't; in fact, you've been the fifth-best fans in the NBA at doing so. It hasn't been the easiest year to be a Miami Heat fan, but you've stuck by your team during one helluva hangover -- and you deserve a shitload of credit for that.

1. LeBron James looks unhappy, and that makes Heat fans sad. Just kidding! It totally makes us feel better! Like a lot!

Oh, you thought this entire post would be feel-good? Nope! Salt herrrrre, get your salt herrrrrre! Yeah, the Cavs hovering around .500 makes Heat fans happy, are you shitting me? It's great! Is that a bad look? Don't care! It feels sooooooo good watching the Cavs lose. Seeing a glimmer of regret in LeBron's eyes makes Miami Heat fans feel better about themselves. We even have better days at work. It's a great feeling -- you should try it sometime.

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