Fight Erupts at Belen Jesuit Water Polo Match (VIDEO)

Last time we checked, neither Belen Jesuit nor St. Thomas Aquinas sponsored WWE-style staged wrestling as a high school sport, so we really weren't expecting to see video go viral of their students getting into a Speedo-clad brawl.

Then again, apparently we underestimated how vicious a sport water polo can be.

According to the Miami Herald, St. Thomas Aquinas, one of Broward's fanciest Catholic private high schools, and Belen Jesuit, Miami's fanciest all-boys Jesuit private high school, met in the water polo state championship. St. Thomas came out ahead 13-10, and one of the Belen boys apparently didn't handle defeat well. So he pushed a St. Thomas player into the pool during the post-game handshake. Deadspin points out a bit of a brawl ensued.

That's some cold-ass shit right there. The Belen kid just straight knocks the St. Thomas kid into the pool and keeps walking like nothing happened. Though, later cooler head prevailed.

"After the ceremony, several Belen players came to the St. Thomas' side of the pool deck to apologize and congratulate their opponents," reports the Herald.

Jeez, that was the most private school sports fight ever.

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Kyle Munzenrieder