Evo Morales Says Eating Chicken May Turn You Gay

Bolivian President Evo Morales, who plays the Larry part in Latin America's socialist Three Stooges with Castro and Chavez, claims that eating chicken will turn you into an effeminate gay. 

"The chicken we eat is loaded with female hormones. So, when men eat it, they tend to deviate from their manhood," said Morales at a climate change conference held by his government. He says he only eats non-genetically modified chicken straight from the farm.

He also claimed the diet of many people of European descent can be linked to baldness and early breast growth in girls. 

"Baldness, which seems normal, is a disease in Europe. Almost everyone is bald, and it's related to the food they eat. Among the indigenous people there are no bald men, because we eat different things," he continued.

Honestly, we would like to know what is in Morales' diet, because whatever it is, it is clearly affecting his brain. 

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