Dumb Sex Ads and Light Beer Aren't the Spirit for Flight Attendants

For far too long, Riptide has singled out Burger King as our favorite locally based company with desperately attention-seeking advertising to blog about. At least BK's stunts take a bit of thought and steer clear of the cheap and easy "sex sells" mode of advertising. Not so for the Miramar-based discount airline Spirit.

The company's ads are pissing off not only blogger, but also actually its own flight attendants, so much so that their union is making a formal complaint to the company.

Spirit's ads have promised DDs (deep discounts) and a "threesom deal," as well as heralded a "MILF" promo (that's 'many islands, low fare').

And it's not just Spirit's own advertisements that are an issue; the company has actually taken to selling advertising on the bodies of its flight attendents. They're all now required to display a Bud Light patch on their aprons.

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