Dolphins' New Logo Could Include a Helmet-less Dolphin

Don't expect anything nearly as drastic as the makeover the Marlins just received, but the Miami Dolphins are moving ahead with plans for a slight revamp of their logo and uniform for the the 2013 season. According to reports, all the major traditional elements of the logo will remain in place, but the central dolphin may be losing his little helmet.

The Palm Beach Post reports that Dolphins CEO says a change is not 100 percent, but the team has been in discussions with the NFL about a possible image revamp for the 2013 season. In order to do so, they must have the details worked out and ready to submit to the league by November.

The move will probably be in line with logo changes of the past. No major changes, but a few aesthetic and stylistic revamps to modernize the logo.

The current make has been in use since 1997.

Ben Volin of the Post says he's seen a few of the possibilities, and the most drastic change may be the dolphin's helmet loss.

"One potential logo still has many of the same elements as the current logo, but will look sleeker and more modern," reports Volin. "The most significant changes may come to the Dolphin, who could lose his facial expressions and his helmet."

See, that's what happens when you play full-contact sports with out a helmet: you lose your ability to make facial expressions.

Volin says the Dolphins' logo could end up looking something like the dolphins used in the stadium logo back when it was called Dolphin Stadium. That thing looked a little the fish that the Marlins are currently using as their logo with abstract lines of color. However, Dee says that the new dolphin won't resemble that old one much.

Other elements, including the orange sunburst, are expected to stay.

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Kyle Munzenrieder