Dolphins Bring Back Old Logo and Throwback Uniforms for One Game
Photo via Miami Dolphins' Twitter

Dolphins Bring Back Old Logo and Throwback Uniforms for One Game

Though it has been tweaked a few times over the years, historically the Miami Dolphins logo has always retained some constants. It has always featured a dolphin in a jumping position wearing a helmet with an "M" on it juxtaposed over a design meant to evoke the sun. That changed back in 2013 when the Dolphins introduced a new logo (with new uniforms) that featured *gasp* a helmet-less dolphin posed in a more natural swimming position. 

Well, good news for nostalgics. The Dolphins are brining back their old logo for one game this season as part of a special throwback uniform design. 

According to the Fins' Twitter, the uniforms are meant to evoke those worn during the team's first game back in 1966. 

Oh, helmeted dolphin, how we've missed you! 

The team will suit up in the old-school uniforms during its December 14 game against the New York Giants. That's a Monday Night Football game, so if #MemoryMonday isn't a thing, we should make it a thing by then. 

Aside from the old logo, the uniforms will include other throwback elements, most notably a more prominent usage of the color orange. The team's latest uniforms have really kept use of orange subtle. Coincidentally, over the summer  all the old orange seats were ripped out of Sun Life Stadium and replaced with new aqua ones.

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