Dan Marino's Wife Claire Knew About His Secret Love Child; CBS Didn't

While the rest of the world found out this week about Dan Marino's secret love child, don't feel too bad for his wife Claire Marino. She's known about it forever, and is totally over it.

In fact, according to the Gossip Extra's sources, Claire has known about the child Marino fathered with former CBS colleague Donna Savattere since the kid was born back in 2005. The couple both agreed to keep the information on the down-low, and decided to work through it.

"Naturally, she wasn't happy. But they've been together for so long they got through it," an inside sources tells the site.

"They were each other's first. That's not something you forget. They figured it'd be best to keep the whole thing quiet."

The couple have six children of their own together, including two adopted children. They appeared together just this past Saturday at the Autism Walkabout fundraiser at Sun Life Stadium. Their 28th wedding anniversary was just this past Wednesday. (Which means, oddly, The New York Post dropped the bombshell online on their anniversary night. Super classy gossip mongering, right there.)

In other words, don't expect the Dan Marino divorce trial anytime soon.

Though, while Claire might have known, Dan's bosses at CBS didn't. The New York Post reports that Marino never told his bosses about it, and they just found out recently like everyone else. Even his longtime lawyer and agent Marvin Demoff had no idea. Marino had used other lawyers to negotiate his deal with his baby mama.

Though, the Post also says the Marino's job at CBS isn't in jeopardy.

So, the rest of Marino's family is cool with the situation. His bosses aren't going to fire him. The kid and her mother seem to be living just comfortably. This may be the most boring, and least controversial celebrity love child story ever.

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