Coral Gables Bank, Scene of Last Month's Hostage Situation, Robbed Again

The Bank of America in Coral Gables that just weeks ago was the scene of a bizarre hostage crisis, has been robbed yet again. The latest robbery went down around 10 a.m., when a man entered with what appeared to be a gun a gave a teller a note demanding cash.

The Miami Herald reports that man believed to be about 25-years-old, entered the bank at 1500 S. Dixie Highway with what seemed to be a gun under his shirt. He handed a note to a teller demanding cash, and then walked away with an undisclosed sum.

A security guard was in the bank, but was not alerted until after the heist.

The suspect was wearing a cap in a light hue, and a purple t-shirt with "a flashy animal print."

On September 24, the bank was the scene of another robbery attempt in which criminal kidnapped a teller from his home, strapped fake explosive devices to his chest, and forced him to open the vault before operating hours.

The suspects got away with about $100,000 and are still at large.

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Kyle Munzenrieder