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Chris Bosh's Baby Mama Allison Mathis Joining VH1's Basketball Wives

Real Housewives of Miami premiers tonight, but Basketball Wives, that other Miami-set show about bickering bimbos, may have just stolen its local shine with news that they've snagged a lady connected to one of the Miami Heat's big three for their next season. TMZ reports that Allison Mathis, Chris Bosh's ex-girlfriend and baby momma, is set to appear on the show's next season.

You might remember way back when the show was announced it and way before the Miami Heat became the most hated team in the NBA it was supposed to have a Miami Heat-slant.

Udonis Haslem's girlfriend Faith Rain and Jermaine O'Neal's wife Masha were set to join the cast, but rumors surfaced that Heat President Pat Riley didn't want his players to have anything to do with a trashy reality TV show. So Rain and O'Neal backed out. Though, former Heat player Antoine Walker's ex-fiance Evelyn Lozada joined the show produced by Shaunie O'Neal, the ex-wife of another Heater, Shaq.

TMZ reports though that the show is going to cash in on that Miami Heat, um, heat by casting Mathis. Apparently producers were eager to get a lady with connections to one of the big three.

Mathis engaged in a public battle with Bosh when their daughter, Trinity Meyers Mathis, was born. She alleged Bosh kicked her out of his home when she was seven months pregnant. A dispute over child payment was smoothed out though, and Mathis' lawyers said she hoped her daughter would have a good relationship with her dad and wasn't pleased with the media attention.

So much for that public shyness though as she now seems set to embark on just the latest act in a media circus surrounding the Miami Heat. Just what the team needs: more distractions!

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