Chris Bosh on Future of Heat's Big Three: "Everything Depends on This Season"

The Miami Heat season not only comes with the drama of trying to threepeat but also with the added tension of the fate of the team's big three during the following offseason. Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James all have the option to become free agents this summer, and Chris Bosh is pretty clear about what that means: It might be repeat or retreat.

"Everybody wants to know what we're going to do (after the season)," Bosh told The Sun-Sentinel. "Yeah, I get it. Everything depends on this season. If we win, cool. If we lose, that's when it's like `What if?'"

Of course, Bosh didn't quite answer the 'What if?' but its clear he'd rather not.

"We just have to make sure we take care of our business, stay together and just really answer the call to adversity when it comes," he said.

"You think about it but I'm mature enough to know that if I really start to think about it, I'm going to start playing bad," Bosh said. "Things aren't going to go right. I'm just going to enjoy today. I'm looking forward to having a big year this year. That's all I think about. In Toronto, it kind of messed me up. I was thinking, `What is going to happen [in the offseason]? I started struggling and then I snapped back into basketball."

The read between the lines here: If the team doesn't repeat, at least someone might skip town, but Bosh would rather they win another championship and not have to worry about it.

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Kyle Munzenrieder