Casey Anthony's Lawyer Ran a Miami Bikini Company

Lawyer Jose Baez didn't start his professional career defending capital murder cases. Before he successfully got Casey Anthony off the hook for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, he was just another guy who couldn't get admitted to the Florida Bar because he was a deadbeat dad -- the Orlando Sentinal reported Baez had a habit of not paying the $200 per month in child support he owed his first wife.

Baez said it was his choice to spend eight years not being a lawyer because he could make more money doing other things. Apparently it's way more lucrative than it sounds to intern in the Miami-Dade Public Defender's Office and import bikinis on the side.

State records show a Jose Baez incorporated Brazilian-Bikini.com, Inc. in May 2000, and list a month later a Jose A. Baez as the incorporating agent of Bon Bon Bikinis, based on the 2400 block of SW 27th Avenue in Miami.

Brazilian-bikini.com has been defunct for years, but archives of the site show the company described itself as "makers of authentic handmade Brazilian bikinis." As far as this reporter can tell, a Brazilian bikini is a regular bikini, except one's butt cheeks hang out all over the place.

Suits cost $40 and were "made with the finest fabrics and with the attention to detail you deserve." If Baez used the same attention to detail as he did coming up with weird red herrings in court the past few weeks, those must have been some sturdy little bathing suits. It appears they had a lifetime warranty too, which is a big commitment coming from a guy who makes a living pulling people out of electric chairs.

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