Best Outdoors Store Jet's Florida Is Closed

Just in case you haven't noticed, the 172-page golden tome otherwise known as the Miami New Times Best of Miami 2010 hit streets today. It's huge. It's awesome. It's invaluable. One caveat: Ignore the entry for Best Outdoors Store because Jet's Florida and its bushwhacking salesmen have gone AWOL.

In the couple of months since the thing was reported, Jet's shuttered its doors. (The official closing was mid-April.) This is surely a sign of something -- the apocalypse. We directed you to visit the outdoors outpost because "it's high time you began stockpiling nonstandard stuff like double-strength nylon rope, fighting knives, stainless-steel handcuffs, emergency germicidal water tablets, fireforks, blister kits, disposable urine bags, and shit buckets." But if the end-of-days experts have skipped town, what does that mean for the rest of us? It looks like we are on our own. Or we could ask Bass Pro Shops for help. Either way, say hello to 2012!

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