Al Malnik Won't Shut Up About Michael Jackson

Al Malnik, the owner of the Forge with a few alleged Mafia ties, won't shut up about his "friendship" with Michael Jackson. He's going around claiming to anyone who'll listen that he was executor of Jackson's estate and has rights to Jackson's youngest son, Blanket. 

Now he has released a bevy of personal pictures to TMZ, which might be some of the clearest photos of Jackson's children to date. Though the bizarre masks and veils the kids wore during their rare public appearances added to the circus aura of all things Jackson, the garments also gave the kids a bit of privacy and protection. 

Malnik has also given interviews to CBS4 and the Palm Beach Post. At our sister paper, Bob Norman reports Malnick and Jackson had a falling out some years ago, possibly because Jackson believed Malnick was part of a conspiracy to separate him from his stack in the Beatle's catalogue. 

The only question is: Why, all of a sudden, is Malnick so media happy? He's only coming off as a shady opportunist, and sadly it seems Jackson had far too many of those in his life. 

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